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About Us

The Taste of Mauritius

Hi, my name is Partish Guriah and next to me is my wonderful wife Varsha. We both moved to Canada when we were still young. We went to the same high school, where we met for the first time, not knowing in the later years that were to come we'd be married. When we started talking, we found out that we both wanted to open up a place that portrayed the food of our small beautiful island called Mauritius. Being a small island, Mauritius has a lot of diversity and culture to show case. As diverse and multicultural the island is, the food also follows in that foot step. Being young when we left Mauritius, we'd often miss the taste of home. Cruisin' Tabazi was hence created to continue to enjoy taste of Mauritius.

"Mauritius was made first and then Heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius" - Mark Twain



Cruisin' Tabazi.

It is said that the best tasting foods around the world is street food. In our Food Truck, we vouch to bring you the best street food of Mauritius. What first started as a dream, is now a reality, and wherever our wonderful journey takes us, we want you to experience it with us. 

About Us


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Tel: 778-988-1210


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